Sardinian artist and sculptor, specialized in pottery, drawing, painting, artistic glass, decoration, then metalworking and restorations.
Each her artwork is unique, made rigorously by hand. She refuses to use molds and casting, saying: 'The mood or feeling will never be repeatable.
She transmits many emotions through artworks, leaving always space to imagination and interpretation, without conditions.
She itself identifies to reality of people with a different view of the bodies and forms, and all things that may seem obvious to people, this it's her inspiration source of artist and woman.
In her artistic workshop there are several masterpieces, a hen with its twelve chicks, called 'Puzzoneddu Froriu', also 'Mamuthones Froriu',  the symbol of Sardinian anthropological culture, then 'Cocchio di Sant'Efisio', whose first masterpiece it was acquired by Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, so far exhibited to the National Library in Rome.
The evolution of Mrs. TINTI allows her to create of different decorative objects, i.e. complements of furnishings, like lamps, vases, planters, centerpieces, photo frames, and finely decorated glass panels.
Integrates the valuable CV of Mrs. TINTI, a course of window dresser at 'Pier POLGA Academy' in Milan, lastly her ceramic courses, by over a decade targeted to teaching devoted to reinserting into society ex-addicts, blind persons and disabled, also in juvenile prison.


Ignazia Tinti
 Assemini (CA) - Sardegna - Italia
Telefono +39 340 74 63 479

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